There was a time when VR headset or virtual reality headsets were things of science fiction movies or cartoons. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, this fictional device is a reality that people are using. The VR headsets are being used for various reasons. In fact, there are many purposes the VR is used for which can easily considered weird or creepy, but hey, that’s the new interesting isn’t it? In this article, we are writing about the best virtual reality headset that you can find in the market. The VR headsets that we mentioned below, each of them have their own set of specialties. Read on this page and decide based on your preferred usage type and budget.

Here goes our best virtual reality headset list.

1. Oculus Rift

virtual reality headset

If you want something for your PC, the Oculus Rift is one of the best virtual reality headsets that you can get. It remained one of the leading VR headsets out in the market till date. After many prototypes made, now it has been acquired by Facebook. It comes with displays for the both eyes and an integrated headphone. The headset is loaded with sensors to detect movement and you also get a high quality touch controller.

However, the Oculus Rift does not bring the integrated room-scale VR technology with it, meaning you won’t be able to walk around with this and if you turn around, the sensors will lose track of your motion. Nonetheless, by adding a third sensor in this setup, you can add the room-scale facility anytime. It’s cheaper than it’s other competitors in the market, like the HTC Vive, easier to set up and the performance will take you breath away!

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2. HTC Vive

best vr headset

One of the most important features that the HTC Vive brought, is the room-scale technology; meaning you will be able to walk around with it. Although, Oculus Rift can have that now with the help of a third sensor and less costly, but HTC Vive was the leader in that and is likely to provide a better experience in this arena. You can walk up to a space of 4.5m x 4.5m, which makes the experience more realistic. The headset comes with a few sensors and two 1080 screens for both the eyes.

However, you will need to add a set of headphones, since they don’t come with it. And, as the HTC Vive Pro has arrived the market, the price drop of HTC Vive will naturally attract you to buy this one.

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3. PlayStation VR

vr games

If you are into console gaming and you want the best virtual reality headset for the best experience, consider the PlayStation VR. The great thing about the PlayStation VR is that it doesn’t require a PC or other set ups; instead, it simply can be plugged into your PS4. Therefore, it’s easier to set up; you will only need the PlayStation camera and two move controllers. It’s resolution is lower than the two above, but it’s easier to setup than the and also less costly.

The headset it very comfortable to wear. It has got cushioned layers around the headband area, so that you can use it for long hours. Also, Sony has manged to put 100+ popular VR games in it including Superhot, Resident Evil 7, Ace Combat 7, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood etc.

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4. Samsung Gear VR

gear vr

One of the pioneers in the virtual reality business, the Samsung Gear VR headset was developed in collaboration with Oculus. The latest update of this machine is lighter than ever. It can be connected to a Samsung Galaxy phone via a USB-C cable. Also, the latest addition of motion controller along with the touchpad and trigger button, took this item to a higher level. Although, the performance will depend on the smartphone that you place in the slot, but the latest phones of Samsung, like Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 will give you a great performance. Keep in mind that other older Galaxy phones might give you a noticeably different performance.

To name a drawback, we can only mention of the fact that this device only works with a Samsung smartphone. But, if you want the best VR headset that works through a smartphone and you have a high end Samsung phone, don’t hesitate to buy this one. It comes in much lower cost that all the above we discussed.

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5. Google Daydream View

best virtual reality headset

Here is an option for those who want a smartphone powered VR headset, that’s not a Samsung smartphone. Check out the Google Daydream View. You can use most of the best android phones in this virtual reality headset. You won’t get the best of the best performance, like to other PC or PS based VR headsets, but for something that costs so little (below $100), you will be happy for sure. It’s quite comfortable too, since it has been made with softer materials rather than plastic like most of its competitors. And, you won’t have to use a Samsung phone only.

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6. HTC Vive Pro

best virtual reality headset

Behold, latest HTC Vive Pro! Keep in mind that this item is not for everyone and main reason is the price. It’s quite costly and to put a cherry on top of it, the other necessary accessories don’t come with the package. Setting up is also a bit challenging; you will need a more powerful, updated machine to enjoy it fully.

But, if you can afford all that, including the price, this truly is the best virtual reality headset that you will have in the market. It’s predecessor, HTC Vive, provides a very good picture quality, but still it shows pixels. The Vive Pro has increased 78% dots per inch, providing a resolution of 2880 x 1600. Hence, the image in this machine is superbly clear and exciting. However, the list isn’t finished. This item, unlike its previous version, comes with headphones attached to it and a better nose-guard to block outside light. In short, the HTC Vive Pro has bested the previous version in every possible way as of yet and has taken the VR experience to a pinnacle of professional level. If are capable of spending, know this; the money will be spent well.

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